Keratin Blow-Out



Keratin Treatments improve less than perfect hair. Frizzy, curly hair can be straightened 60% to 90%. We use Global Keratin Treatment for several reasons:

  1. Nice fragrance & very low formaldehyde
  2. Three strength levels
  3. Long lasting results up to five months
  4. Total Changes can offer this service from $120 to $250 while other salons are charging $300 to $500

The treatment is usually completed within 90min. Your hair will feel very smooth and will be very straight.  Shampoo and condition after 48 hrs with the best shampoo and conditioner you can afford.  Blow dry your hair and style like normal.

Do's during the first two days:

  • wear your hair down at all times

  • blow dry and smooth with flat iron at medium to high heat if your hair gets wet

  • be the hair envy of all your friends

Don'ts during the first two days:

  • wash your hair
  • participate in any activity that may cause you to sweat excessively
  • use styling products


  • Q: Is the Keratin Treatment a relaxer?
    A: No, this is the beauty of this service. The chemical makeup of the hair is not changed. Keratin Treatments restore hair to a pristine condition.
  • Q: Can I use your Keratin treatments on chemically treated hair?
  • A: Yes. Total Changes can apply Global Keratin Treatment over any previous chemical service.
  • Q: Should I color my hair before or after receiving Global Keratin treatments?
    A: Hair can be colored immediately prior to getting the Keratin treatment. After the treatment, the hair has to wait 2 weeks before being colored again.