Healing Pure Replenishing Conditioner

Healing Pure Replenishing Conditioner


Lanza Healing Pure Conditioner is a replenishing conditioning rinse which effectively removes product build up from all hair types.

Ideal for swimmers, Healing Pure Conditioner is especially formulated for post clarified and chelated hair and is enriched with Phytic Acid derived from Organic Rice to eliminate metals and excessive minerals from the hair.

Healing Pure Conditioner helps to remove chlorine from the hair after swimming and also works to prevent discolouration caused by hard water. A Botanical blend of Kukui Nut Oil, Safflower Seed Oil and Aloe Vera Juice replenish lost moisture and improves strength and smoothness.

Suitable for all hair types including colour treated hair, Healing Pure Conditioner fortifies the hair, leaving it pliable, manageable and beautifully soft and shiny.

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