R.A.O. Renaissance Active Oil

R.A.O. Renaissance Active Oil


A unique blend of 100% highly refined essential oils and a refreshing, natural citrus scent. Formulated with Sesame Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Citrus Fruit Oil, and Vitamin E, R.A.O. promotes moisture retention and acts as a barrier to harmful environmental irritants. The use of botanical, natural essential oils allows R.A.O. to be a non-greasy, fast absorbing formula that will not leave your skin feeling heavy or oily. Individuals with severely dry, mature or damaged skin can begin to see a balanced, moisturizing effect on their skin after just the first application. It also helps to reduce discomfort & redness from sunburn, treatments, or shaving-for men & women! Even great for sensitive skin!


Daily use of the R.A.O. and circular massage can also help to soothe away acne scars, burns, stretch marks and deep cracks in the heels or elbows by sealing in moisture, preventing any further loss of critical hydration necessary for the skin to regenerate itself.




  • Helps to rejuvenate dry, damaged skin.

  • Aids in reducing the visible effects of burns, scars, and stretch marks.

  • Helps to reduce discomfort and redness caused from sunburn.

  • Provides additional protection from razor burns when applied before shaving

  • Helps soothe redness and swelling after laser treatments.

RAO can also be found in these skin care kits; Essential Hydration kit, and the Intense Hydration kit.

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