High quality haircuts and styling for children and youth. We sell quality experience and results.

Children and adolescents are an Important part of our clientele. We give them the same amount of time and attention that we give adults. The prices are the same as adults and it will seem expensive until you experience the difference Total Changes can make.

The communication gap is bigger with children and teens, so we must go the extra mile to understand what the young person really wants. We take the time to understand what they mean not just what they say. Once we figure out what they want we must reconcile their desire with what the parents desire. There is a real art to this communication, and we love it because we are good at it😊. Our first goal is the treat your children with mutual respect and individual attention. Then we perform the service with the same or higher level of attention as we would with an adult.

Terrell and Paula children’s prices are $50.00 we schedule a 30 min appointment, so we have the time to work with the client and their parents. At that price we are being paid for excellence and that is what you will get.

Check the stylist pages for the pricing of our other stylist.