Matte Grip

Matte Grip


Get a grip! We’re aware that this diligent styling product might sound a little… aggressive. But that’s because our favorite clean-feeling creme doesn’t shy away from its job: adding workable, malleable, matte-finish and control to hair that lasts – wait for it – a full three days.

Perfect choice for: Any hair texture. (Seriously, how many texture crèmes are so versatile that they can tackle thick strands but not weigh down the finer babies? We can’t think of one.)

Here’s how: Scoop a small dollop of this medium-hold formula onto fingertips, then work it thoroughly into hair, focusing on roots (if you want lift), or ends (if you want piece-y-ness). It’s creamy and so easy to manipulate.

The inside secret: AquaLastik – our amazing deep-sea antioxidant – uses a crystal-clear polymer blend to add unparalleled elasticity and shine to hair. We’re talking 85% – better curl retention than anything you’ve seen before.

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